Canicross Trailrunners

For You and Your Dog(s)


We welcome adults and children both novice and experienced who want to get fit with their dog in a friendly and supportive environment. People are able to start canimarching (walking) and can progress to canicross (running) at their own pace.


Our clubs and members aim to help you get into canicross, you can meet up with a canicrosser who is local to you and join them for a walk, run or just a chat. You can find your local group by using our contacts page.


We positively invite canicrossers who want to improve their dog handling and running skills with the support of like-minded runners who can bring new ideas, different trails with the motivation and companionship to run more than the usual 5k routes.


Canicross Trailrunners are keen to get competitive canicrossers of all ages to take part in our own off-road events as well as those offered by traditional running organisations. In this way we can offer a variety of location, terrain, distance and technicality to competitive canicrossers.


Canicross Trailrunners can offer advice and guidance for people wishing to push the boundaries of the sport and who wish to take part in longer ultra-distances with their canine partners. A number of our club members have taken part in such events and can offer invaluable training advice for both humans and canines. Our main emphasis is on dog welfare, humans can generally take care of themselves!

Whilst taking part in such challenges it is imperative that nutrition, hydration and excellent canine husbandry is adopted to safeguard your best friend.