Run Healthy, Run Happy, Run Dogs!


Canicross is the sport of running off-road with your dog. The human participant wears a waistbelt which attaches via a 2-metre bungee line to a padded dog harness. It is a fantastic way to keep you and your dog fit whilst enjoying the great outdoors together. It provides a physical workout for your dog and the use of directional commands will help him to learn to use his brain and build up his confidence.


Canicross can help you:

  1. Get running:  Your furry friend is your very own personal fitness trainer.

  2. Foster strong bonds with your dog.

  3. Improve some dog behaviour problems caused by lack of exercise and stimulation

  4. Run faster!

  5. Keep fit and control your weight

  6. Get to know the great outdoors and meet some great like-minded people.

Your dog will:

  1. Enjoy more outdoor exercise

  2. Use his brain power and gain confidence

  3. Get fit and keep trim

  4. Improve strength and stamina

  5. Have fun and love you more.

  1. Young and old (humans) and all breeds of dog can excel at canicross, especially if they love to run, all we ask is that your canine pal is over 12 months of age (18 months for bikejor and longer distances) to compete at our events.