The following race categories apply to all Evilution Race Series events. 


Younger individuals wishing to compete at the longer events should seek advice from the Trailrunners Committee before entering.


9 – 11 yrs Junior 1 (J1)

12 – 15 yrs Junior 2 (J2)

2.5 km route

You are under 15 years of age and you wanna run like the wind with your best doggy friend.  All you need to do is persuade Mum, Dad or another grown up, that they would like to do this with you.  (They could even follow round on a bike if they can’t keep up with you on foot, there are no excuses!)


16 – 18 yrs  - Intermediates (Inter)

5 km route

You are 16 - 18 years of age and you can easily run 2.5km and would like to see how fast you can run 5km.  You will need parental permission if you are under 18 years of age and a responsible adult will need to be present with you at the race, but you do not need accompanying on the route, you can show us the bruises later!


Fun: 5 km route

This category is ideal for anyone who has never competed before and who is a novice to the sport.  It is also perfect for people who would love to run somewhere new and on a challenging course, but who do not necessarily want to race or for those who would prefer a slightly shorter distance.

Grown-ups: 10 km route

The courses are designed to be fun, exciting and challenging.  The idea is to get out in the great outdoors with your four pawed running partner, have fun and meet some like- minded people.  There won’t be mile markers, we want you to enjoy every minute and take in the scenery.  Come out and play!

Senior Women

18 – 39 yrs (SW)

Senior Men

18 – 39 yrs (SM)

Women Veterans 1

40 – 49 yrs (WV1)

Mens Veterans 1

40 – 49 yrs (MV1)

Women Veterans 2

50 – 59 yrs (WV2)

Mens Veterans 2

50 – 59 yrs (MV2)

Women Masters

60+ yrs (WM)

Mens Masters

60+ yrs (MM)


Veteran Canine Category

5/10 km route


We don’t want you leaving your Golden Oldie at home, you know how much they still enjoy stretching their legs and showing the youngsters a trick or two.  To qualify for this category, dogs must be aged 10 years or over on the race date and must have a completed Veterinary Certificate with them when collecting race number, because dogs come first! Vet_Consent.pdf.