Canicross Trailrunners

Our Mission

    1. Canicross Trailrunners are a group of canicross enthusiasts who want to inspire other dog-trailrunners to use the local landscape and to enjoy exciting dog adventures off-road.

    2. We are the only Canicross group which is affiliated with The Kennel Club and we run under the banner;

    3. Run Healthy, Run Happy, Run Dogs.


    Please note that veterinary advice must be sought by all individuals before they embark on any adventures with their canine partners.

  1. We aim to make canicross accessible to all-comers by offering practical assistance:

  2. Training, progress monitoring and support for beginners and their dogs

  3. Group or one-to-one canicross training

  1. A central source on other dog-friendly running races

  2. Information on high quality, affordable kit and equipment (discount available to all members)

  3. Offering day and evening courses on canicross-related subjects

  1. Providing a fun, friendly, innovative and supportive environment for dogs and their owners.

  2. Holding fun dog events where club members can take part in fun canicross events such as caniteering, canihashing and caniobility.

  1. Promoting kind, reward-based motivational training methods to get the best from canicross dogs

  2. Fully insured, regular and friendly training runs in a variety of locations

  3. Easy access to Canicross Trailrunners events

Features, benefits and aims