Canicross Trailrunners

Guidelines: Canicross Distances; Registration; Accidents and Responsibilities; Distances and Temperatures; Dogs.



Canicross welcomes any breed or cross breed of dog.

All dogs competing in bike-jor must be 18 months of age or older.

All dogs competing in a Canicross race must be 12 months or older.

All dogs must be aged 18 months or older to compete in distances of over 10 miles.  Competitors are advised to seek veterinary advice before undertaking strenuous distances with a young dog.  Breed specifics should be acknowledged and owners are responsible for their dogs welfare.

To enter any event over 10 miles, all competitors must have completed at least a 10km race in the 6 months previous, with the dog you plan to race with.

Bitches in season are not excluded from competing; however, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that adequate precautions are taken and that they acknowledge full liability.  Owners must inform race organisors if they intend to compete with a bitch in season so provisions can be made.

No pregnant or nursing bitches are allowed to compete

Dogs must be kept on a lead AT ALL TIMES, whilst at an event UNLESS to do so would present a danger for the dog, the owner, or others. 

Any fouling must be cleared away and disposed of responsibly.

Canicrossers should not race dogs that are nervous of humans, as this can cause undue stress to these dogs.

It is strongly recommended that dogs receive a vet health check before competing at any Canicross event.

Any dog(s) deemed unfit to race by either the race Vet or Race Director must be withdrawn from competition.

Canicross Distances:

Canicross Pups shall race no further than 3 miles (5km).

Canicross Junior Men (CJM) and Canicross Junior Women (CJW) shall race no further than 5 miles (8km).

All participants of events over 5 miles must be aged 17 or over on the day of the race.

All participants for 13 miles (21km) or more must be over 18 on the day of the race.

These distances are at the discretion of the course organisers, if a course is deemed too technical for younger participants, regardless of the distance, age restrictions may be enforced.  Where this is applicable, a shorter, less technical route will be offered to any younger entrants.


Registration will be closed 5 days before the race.  Any waiver to this is subject to the arbitration of Directors of the race.

Members of Canicross Trailrunners will benefit from a discounted entry fee to all races specifically organised by them.

A numbered bib will be given to each competitor by the organizers.  The competitor must wear this number visibly throughout the race.  If requested, the bib must be returned after the event.

Accidents and


The rightful owner of a dog is required to have liability insurance (or family insurance) for any damages that their dog may commit.

The rightful owner of a dog is the person named as such in the dog’s vaccination book and/or official paperwork.

The rightful owner must ensure that the animal is owned (cared for) in accordance with the law.

In case of an injury (where there is no responsibility of any others), competitors are covered by event insurance.

Distances and


The temperature is an important consideration when racing, in case of high temperatures, it is essential to respect the welfare of the dogs and to adapt to their pace.  Handlers must allow their dog to drink at the water points and to use the water points to cool down.

From 25 ° C, taken out of direct sunlight at 1 m above ground, 30 minutes before the start of the race: the race is neutralized.  People may complete the course but must not race.  All participants receive the same number of points challenge (by category: adding the points as if the race had taken place and then dividing by the number of participants. The average of points assigned).  Prizes provided are distributed by a draw.

Between 20 and 25°C, depending on the circumstances, a decision to reduce the distance of the course can be taken by the race management (3 members of the board of race directors). The configuration of the course (slope, wooded course or sunny) weather conditions (rain, wind) are criteria which can lengthen or shorten the distance.

The organizer will have to adjust the distance according to weather conditions on the day, in consultation with the race management and the veterinarian, if present. It should inform the competitors 20 minutes before the start of the race and notify these provisions on the ranking sheets.

For temperatures above 20°C, the organizer must take all precautions and provide:

  1. mid-way water points

  2. a large pool or cool towels to dowse the dogs at the start and finish.

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