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European Events

If you are feeling a well-deserved holiday is on the cards, then the Trophy of the Mountains beckons.  You will never look at canicross in the same light again.  This is a 9 day canicross festival, with around 11 races in those 9 days, all held in well-known ski stations in the French Alps.  (Check out our gallery for some amazing photos).

This is NOT an elitist event only open to the super fit and athletic.  This is a family holiday where everyone can take part in this amazing sport and there are children’s races at each station with different age categories.  The scenery is spectacular and the camaraderie is second to none.  The emphasis is on enjoyment, fun and an amazing sense of achievement with your canine partner.  Tear up the beach holiday brochure and come have fun in the Alps with your best four pawed friend!


If you have never taken your pet abroad before, please ask advice from our experienced canicrossers and click here for a link to the new rules from Defra which have taken effect from January 2012.

If we have whetted your appetite, please get in touch through our facebook page or email address if you would like any more information.  We can travel in convoy, offer advice on campsites, tolls and routes etc.  We can offer team kit at cost price, plenty of advice and a well –thumbed phrase book!

Trophy South

For the first time this year a number of Canicross Trailrunners are heading south for this exciting event in October…